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What is GAGA Ball?

GAGA Ball is a safer version of dodge ball and huge fun for all ages. If you're old enough to jump, you're old enough to GAGA!  

Played inside of a gaga ball "pit," players use their hands to hit the ball underhand. If another player gets hit at or below the knee, they are out until next game.  The action is fast and the games are quick!


Why Choose GAGA Galaxy?

We offer a variety of the highest-quality GAGA ball pits for rent or sale. Whether it's for a party or just outdoor fun, GAGA Galaxy can set up a regulation GAGA pit in your yard. 

We offer rental options to suit your needs. An area 20' x 20' is perfect and pits can be set-up over grass, mulch or pavement.


Warning: GAGA Ball is addicting!

GAGA is the perfect blend of outdoor exercise with competitive adrenaline. Six year-olds can play with 60 year olds.

If your goal is to create loads of laughter and memories, contact GAGA Galaxy today to schedule your GAGA experience.


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